Badgley Mischka
This designer duo brings their glamorous clothing aesthetic to eyewear. Their sophisticated style is inclusive of women of any age...timeless glamour!
Blackfin is the quintessence of uniqueness. Eyewear that is designed and built to last. Made of titanium to combine strength, lightness, and flexibility. Made following 53 industrial-artisanal steps....Made in Italy!
The originality of this French collection comes from its amazing diversity. Colors are unleashed within the coolest shapes. Step outside your comfort zone and try on something truly elegant, expressive, colorful and handmade.
Brendel designers create a clean, chic statement through understatement. This German manufacturer was established in 1901. Minimalist to shimmering metallic styles considered 'fashion for the face'.
Caroline Abram
A Parisian designer started in 1998 and quickly met international success with 4 gold Silmo awards. She grew up in Dakar, and the vibrant colors of both Africa and Miami infuse her eyewear. "Caroline created the addiction, the desire to possess them in all colors..."
Derapage is a brand that owes its name to French motor racing and the daring, controlled turns at high speeds. It is a brand that synthesizes engineering and style rewarding those that dare.
Dragon combines the fusion of art and performance. Frames are both sporty and functional and even include floatable sunwear....It's a frame of mind!
A Dutch company with modern, contemporary styling. It is instinctive, playful, and highly wearable available in a variety of shapes and styles for every face
Ella is a luxurious European eyewear collection that is universally flattering. It boasts German surgical stainless steel and handmade Mazzucchelli acetate from Italy.
Amazing Italian handmade wooden frames made in multiple colored layers with superb attention to detail weighing just 21 unique as you...
Francis Klein
Francis Klein is a family company that makes all their glasses by hand. It is truly unique in both styling and quality. Beautiful transparent zyles in an endless range of colors with lovely detailing. Gems are set by jewelers, and temples can be as unique as frame fronts. Francis shows many of his favorite influences, e.g. Art Deco, etc. You will never throw your Francis Klein frames away...You'll only want to add to your artistic collection.
Iyoko Inyake
Belgian design handcrafted in Japan. Timeless and available in a large variety of colors and shapes made by hand. They are both trend-setting and complimentary
J.F. Rey
Jean-Francois Rey is a very distinctive French designer. Be prepared to be bombarded everywhere you go with compliments. Truly unique with an expansive variety of design and colors.
Kate Spade
Kate Spade is colorful and playful akin to her clothing and handbag designs.
Kame ManNen
The name Kame ManNen is derived from the Japanese proverb "turtles live for ten thousand years" which reflects the timeless quality of one of Japan's oldest frame collection dating back to 1917. A good frame for someone who might need a small fit or has a high prescription.
A contemporary company founded in Vancouver inspired by its playful, colorful clothing and accessory lines.
Classical minimalist design that undergoes design in Denmark, color anodization in Italy (color never fades or peels!), and assembly back home. Frames are made from 100% aluminum which makes them light-weight and durable. Nose pads are made of titanium and vascular surgery-grade rubber. Testimonial: One of Dr. Viki's most durable and comfortable pair of glasses.
An award-winning French company pays tribute to women through their Koali collection. There is an exquisite attention to details and craftsmanship...Even their unique cases are fit to be displayed.
l.a. Eyeworks
A privately owned Los Angeles company started in 1979 by two high school friends who became opticians and then designers. A very expansive and diverse line that celebrates all individuals and the diversity of their faces and uniqueness. Can you say FUN?!!
French craftsmanship that incorporates the latest trends creating an ultra-minimalist look that is lightweight and comfortable.
Lafont has been the epitome of Parisian chic since 1923. It is a family-owned company whose styling and craftsmanship are exquisite. Their shapes and perfect fit are spectacular....Truly unique to this eye wear brand.
Mad in Italy
Eyepolis loves artisanal quality. Mad in Italy eliminates the "e" from the traditional "Made in Italy" phrase to express the MAD creativity of this handmade frame. Sun rays that hit the frame's unique Nylon front gives a wild mirror effect. Both light-weight and strong, this frame weighs only 9 grams.
Miu Miu
Beauty, creativity and superior quality are the guiding principles of the Prada Group.
A company founded in New York City that incorporates Italian design and Scandanavian minimalism. The Eco line uses recycled metal saving our precious natural resources
Innovative 3-D printing that makes soldering and screws a thing of the past. This award-winning Danish company is located on the Danstruplund Estate in the midst of nature North of Copenhagen freeing designers to create exceptional design. This is a company that invented the spiral hinge and photochromic frame that changes color in the sun
Design for the sporty wearer in a variety of ophthalmic and sunwear frame styles
A St. Louis family-owned eyewear company that custom designed the goggles Charles Lindbergh used in his historic flight over the Atlantic. There's a reason for NW 77th's longevity: creative design, craftsmanship, durability.
Each Ovvo frame undergoes 75 steps of handcraftsmanship. German engineered laser technology is used to cut frames out of surgical steel that is fused with titanium in a similar process to that used for spacecrafts. This achieves light, durable, flexible hypoallergenic frames. There are no screws and each frame can endure a 50 pound weight without losing its shape (see our display at Eyepolis). What a great idea for someone who falls asleep or accidentally sits on their glasses.
Mark Dolbany designs beautiful eyewear for Plume. Glasses are handcrafted and sold to independent optical stores. You are always You-nique wearing Plume.
Police was launched in 1983 with a name that is no coincidence. It has a strong urban spirit of the big city. You will see Bruce Willis, George Clooney, David Beckham sporting this rebel look
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