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The Sparkle of Winter

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

So far this season I spent countless hours at my kitchen table indulging in hot chocolate and making origami penguins and diamonds for Eyepolis’ winter displays. I’m mad about paper art of any sort (you may have noticed paper popsicles and tulips in seasons past).

Beyond the fun of making origami art, this season my paper diamonds and penguins feel symbolic. We are a small business with so many facets and talents that make us shine. We are creative and funny, serious and caring, hardworking and sincere. These qualities are enduring and create the beauty of the entire faceted, origami diamond and penguin shapes. Anyone who has shopped for glasses with our optician Shannan knows how much we love what we sell…and enjoy the time we spend together.

All our wonderful customers and patients feel like family. Some of you stop in just to say hello on your way to dinner. Others share both heartbreaks and successes. It is all of you that make Eyepolis sparkle!

We love unveiling truly exciting art for the eyes. It seems disrespectful to call them just eyeglass frames. Handmade frames that make you gasp and say, “I’ve never seen anything like this before.” Please come and admire all our new collections and say hello….

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