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Dear Dr. Viki...

Last weekend I stayed up late unpacking after an exhausting 2-day move. Now my eyelid has been twitching almost constantly for the last couple of days. Could it be the dust?

The feeling of eyelid “jumping” or twitching is called myokymia. The small nerve fibers within the eyelid muscle are somehow irritated and cause the muscle to quiver. These fine contractions may be visible but are usually more apparent to you than to someone looking at you.

Localized eyelid myokymia does not indicate anything abnormal. It can be triggered by overwork, sleep deprivation, stress (including strenuous exercise), anxiety, or even too much caffeine or alcohol. It always starts suddenly and disappears spontaneously, lasting anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of weeks.

If the quivering involves not only the eyelid(s) but other parts of the face, it would be important to see your doctor to rule out other causes.

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