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Wouldn't Mrs. Maisel Have Looked Marvelous in Glasses?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

I've loved binge watching "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel". In one hilarious segment, Midge takes out her rollers before her husband wakes up so he doesn't see her in an imperfect morning state. I thought to myself that many women in 1958 would have probably foregone wearing glasses for similar reasons.

Marilyn Monroe's character in the 1953 comedy How to Meet a Millionaire states, "Men are not attentive to girls who wear glasses." Although I am a fellowship-trained refractive surgeon, I admit that I prefer men who wear glasses. I'm just confused why women might be considered less attractive with glasses. My own mother recounts that her father suggested she remove her glasses when going on a first date with my father (she didn't!). Little did she know that my father removed his glasses in public for similar reasons and probably to the detriment of his driving abilities.

As recent as 2019, women in Japan were asked not to wear glasses in the workplace because it gives people a "cold impression". This is exasperating to ophthalmologists, especially cornea specialists like myself. It is always a good idea to allow your eyes to breathe in glasses and not to over wear contact lenses. Don't think this backwards standard is reserved only for women. I have heard patients relay "informal' dress codes imposed by bosses preferring that male employees not wear glasses.

Is it just me?....I can't help wanting to suggest attractive frames to people I see around town. I visited my most favorite place in Washington D.C., The Portrait Gallery, this past season and found myself wanting to put glasses on all the female and male portraits. I think it would have added so much interest.

Anyway, I loved The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel so much that I shamelessly pretended to jog around my neighborhood (in my so, so comfy Kilsgaard glasses) in hopes of getting a glimpse of actress Rachel Brosnahan who was shooting a new movie in Pittsburgh this past November.

And....Here are the glasses I would have picked for Miriam Maisel had Amazon asked me.

IONA, Francis Klein (Eyepolis)

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